Marshfield Clinic


Health & Wellness Committee (co-chair):


Linda Adebayo and myself inquired about the lack of healthy lifestyle opportunities and initiatives at Marshfield Clinic. We volunteered to form a building-wide committee, develop and implement new initiatives, and increase the total body health of nearly 200 Marshfield Clinic employees.


Some of our accomplishments thus far are listed below:

  • Formation of a building-wide committee
  • Development and distribution of weekly emails/newsletter
  • Currently formulating new initiatives
    • Walking paths
    • Winter fitness tips
    • Healthy snack options in the vending machines
    • Weekly massages in the break room
    • Utilization of space formerly maintained by the pop fund, which will now contain fruit and vegatable options
    • Promotion of the Wood County Wellness challenge through the Center for Community Outreach
    • Periodic communication about upcoming healthy lifestyle events and opportunities in the community and at Marshfield Clinic