MEDIA 710 - Learning Technologies

Course Description


Overview and selection criteria of instructor-led, computer-based, and distance learning systems for delivering content to trainees in the workplace. Includes the development of training materials in a variety of formats.


Course Objectives


At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Use an instructional systems design model to design training courses and modules, which are to be delivered using contemporary instructional technology. 
  • Develop training courses, modules and materials using computer-based technology.
  • Select appropriate training methods to meet training course and program needs.
  • Select appropriate hardware, software and delivery systems to meet training course and program needs.
  • Deliver a training module using a contemporary instruction technology.
  • Evaluate the delivery of a training course, module or program.
  • Provide leadership in the proper utilization of delivery systems for training.
  • Apply research and forecasting techniques to project technological developments and potential impacts.



CBT - Basic Nutrition
Computer based training module on basic nutrition.
CBT for Nutrition - Bryan Weichelt.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 3.1 MB
Research Paper
This is a research paper on distractions while online.
Research Paper - Digital Distractions.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 117.8 KB
Googe Wave Reflection
Google Wave Reflection.docx
Microsoft Word Document 10.1 KB